1 Piece vs. 2 Piece Racing Suits

Many customers do not realize the benefit of choosing a 1-Piece racing suit over a 2-Piece suit, and vice versa. It could be the difference between your comfort/safety and discomfort/danger. A properly fitting suit allows for uninhibited motion while in the driving position, and fits comfortably around the majority of the entire body.

Keep in mind, most manufacturers design their suits similarly to clothing designers – with the “normal” body type as the keystone for every size and measurement. However, as many of us know, the “normal” body type isn’t always what fits. We all have our own proportions, and sometimes a 1-Piece racing suit just won’t accommodate us properly.

And that’s the beauty of a 2 Piece suit! It allows for more flexibility and versatility. Suppose I have a very broad chest and shoulders, small waist, and short height. These proportions could very easily fall outside of the “normal” body type measurements/proportions. If I proceeded with a 1 Piece suit, I would have to disregard at least one of my core measurements – most likely height. The large chest and broad shoulders are common for taller men, the small waist for shorter/thinner men, and the short height matches the smaller waist, but not the large chest and broad shoulders.

But, if I proceeded with a 2-Piece racing suit, I could select the racing jacket size for my specific build, and then do the same for my pants. Often times, we find that our body types are not streamlined from top-to-bottom, and switching to a 2 Piece suit allows for more “fitting” options that are better “suited” to you.

In the end, it all comes down to safety. A comfortable driver is a safer driver. And a safer driver means a safer field of drivers. Also, a properly fitting suit is more effective in terms of protecting you from fire. So, if you are looking for a racing suit, and find yourself struggling to match up your measurements with “standard” 1 Piece suit measurements, you may be the perfect candidate for a 2 Piece suit!